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The future won't take care of itself but yoga will!
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Pradipika Institute of Yoga & Therapy is an emerging Institute in north west bangalore with a vision to provide dedicated and result oriented yoga services to all those who are looking to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using a completely holistic approach.

At PIYT, we take utmost care devolving several tailor-made courses to make yoga possible for people of all age groups regardless of their fitness level. PIYT not just provides yogasanas to tone and strengthen core muscles but also fine tunes the fluctuations of mind and prana for a healthier and longer life.

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Pradipika Yoga Institute

Lowers Stress

Yoga with Pranayama is well known for its benefits in distressing one’s mind and body in a short span of time.

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Boosts Confidence

Through daily Yoga one can increase self-confidence and happiness level.

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Lose Weight

Regular practise of Yoga can help you shed more than 2kgs* per month without any side effects or medication and help with weight management.

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Benefits Breathing

Yoga with Pranayama is the best way to improve one’s lung capacity which in turn improves your stamina and endurance.

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Increases Flexibility

Yoga has been proved to be an excellent way to improve one’s flexibility and toning the body.

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Mind & Body Connection

Regular practise of yoga helps in improvingthe responsiveness & alertness of one’s mind & body improving your daily productivity.

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Pradika Yoga Institute

We provide customised prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga which are great to strengthen the back, shoulders, pelvic area, regularise hormonal imbalances and maintain body shape.

Pradika Yoga Institute

Its a combination of stretches, strengthening moves with various Asanas performed in a continuous movement from one position to the next along with Ujjaji breathing and faster speed, creating an effective aerobic workout for entire body.

Pradika Yoga Institute

Using the best from Asthanga& Hatha yoga, your body is made to move into different postures of moderate difficulty in a rhythmic fashion with moderate speed.

Pradika Yoga Institute

Is used to combat various psycho-somatic ailments of modern day living holistically without any medicine. Some of the ailments that can be controlled or cured are

Pradika Yoga Institute

Rightfully as the name suggest is the based on slow and rhythmic movement of your body. Asanas are maintained for certain duration with ease before moving into another with breathing

Pradika Yoga Institute

They are the kriyas or the yogic cleansing techniques involving purification or detoxification of the body.

Pradika Yoga Institute

PRANA means Universal life force and AYAMA means regulate or lengthen. It is an art of regulation or control of your prana through various breathing techniques.

Pradika Yoga Institute

We provide customised yoga services at your convenient time and place of your choice.!

Pradika Yoga Institute

Deals with providing the right base for beginners as well as advanced practitioners, a platform to go explore more about one's inner self and pranic flow rejuvenating your mental health.

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Pradika Yoga Institute
" As the name pradipika itself says enlightment, I was enlightened too.. The course of my life has changed completely after joining pradipika,I discovered a new me in me!I havent missed a single class,cuz i never felt like missing.... Thank you so much POOJA ... :) .The only good thing i did in my life was getting into yoga by joining PRADIPIKA.."
AKARSH VISHWANATH, Student
Pradika Yoga Institute
" An awesome centre I owe to...! i wanted to lose weight and my friend suggested me this place, and i totally found what i was looking for i.e good/experienced instructorwith a positive and clean environment. the management is very cooperative and responsivetocustomers requirements. I lost 4.7kgs in shocking 2 weeks! ola!! Pradipika fulfilled all my expectations I entered with. Would recommend the place highly."
BHAVANA J MAGAR, Business Analyst
Pradika Yoga Institute
" I suffered a lot from headache,,knee pain and neck pain but, after joining gentle yoga in Pradipika my pains have reduced a lot.I feel good about myself.I have reduced 5 and half kgs in four months. All the credit goes to my yoga teacher Mr.Shivashankar P Shenoy. Very good environment, excellent teaching,I keep insisting my friends to join yoga classes in Pradipika. .."
D.r. Vijayalakshmi

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We are focused on partnering with people having the right attitude and not so much on how much investment they can bring on board.

Pradika Yoga Institute

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