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The future won't take care of itself but yoga will! Learn and practice yoga today. Keep dreadful ailments at bay!

Pradipika Institute of Yoga & Therapy is an emerging Institute in north west Bangalore with a vision to provide dedicated and result oriented yoga services to all those who are looking to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using a completely holistic approach.

At PIYT, we take utmost care devolving several tailor-made courses to make yoga possible for people of all age groups regardless of their fitness level. PIYT not just provides yogasanas to tone and strengthen core muscles but also fine tunes the fluctuations of mind and prana for a healthy longevity.  

We focus primarily on providing you with right method and right postures based on holistic, innovative yoga techniques developed from various methods of yoga practiced world-wide without compromising the wondrous benefits of tradional yoga like Patanjali and Hatha yoga has to offer. We are established since 2010 and have been serving several students with authentic yoga every day. We offer different styles of yoga classes such as Gentle yoga, dynamic yoga, power yoga and holistic therapy to suit individual requirements. Enroll today and experience the power of Yoga! 

Pradipika Yoga Institute

Our Founder

Mrs. Pooja P Shenoy, B.E (M.E) , (Yoga Therapy) , PGDYT , MBA, RYT-200

Pooja is blessed to have started her yoga journey from her 6th grade when yoga was introduced to her as a part of her school education. Her love and passion for yoga grew with her ever since then. She feels a complete sense of rejuvenation when she finishes her everyday yoga practice and meditation.  Pooja is an expert at Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga and Bhakti Yoga and has many years of experience of taking Yoga classes to people of all ages. A student of Hatha yoga and Bhakti yoga, Pooja rightfully blends Universal peace chants from Sanskrit Mantras, Mudras, and different breathing techniques and focuses more on providing the right method and right postures. In her Yoga Therapy classes, she focuses on Yoga postures that help with bodily ailments and recommends on such postures that are to be avoided. Pooja also takes beginners and advanced level meditation classes that induce a sense of well-being in the body and the mind. Through her teaching she seeks to help others thrive, by nurturing the body, mind and soul both on and off the mat. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, be more flexible enough to adapt to the life’s happenings. Yoga inspires her to live each moment mindfully. Her strong belief and commitment is to Life, as a continuous learning opportunity, a belief she is dedicated to sharing with others. Her love for teaching and sharing her experience and knowledge with fellow yogis aspires her to bring ancient wisdom and traditional yoga practices to the contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. With this vision, she created Pradipika Institute of Yoga and Therapy which has been helping thousands of aspiring students and patients embrace good health and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Since she moved her base to California, her quest to serve the community she grew up in and to make her teachings available to everyone, everywhere, she decided to add two new wings to Pradipika Yoga Community, 'A new branch opens now in California as 'Pradipika Yoga & Therapy' and  'Pradipika Online Yoga'. She strongly believes, "the more you learn, the more you are able to give back to your community."  Her quest for learning and updating her knowledge continues... 

Our CEO & Co Founder

Mr. Shivashankar P Shenoy, B.E (CSE), YIC - 200hrs (SVYASA)

He was introduced to yoga as a teenager and returned to his spiritual path while pursing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering by co-founding PIYT. Under the guidance of our founder & yoga guru Mrs. Pooja Shenoy and several other yoga gurus he got his yoga teacher training done. Although his Professional Yoga Instructor certification has been from SVYASA, a deemed Yoga university. He strongly believes that Yoga and allied alternative medicinal sciences are the best ways to transform one's health to optimum level regardless of their current health status. Today, with several years of experience & expertise in the field of Yoga, he successfully handles programs such as, 'the Intensive teacher training', 'Advance yoga training', 'Corporate yoga', 'Yogic lectures' and so forth. Always having the passion towards business management & healthcare since childhood, he is now the proud CEO & Co-founder of PIYT managing most of its operations efficiently taking our Institute to greater heights of success. He is currently a first year student enrolled in yoga at Svyasa, a deemed Yoga university.  
Pradipika Yoga Institute


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