Holistic Therapy:

Holistic Therapy As the name suggests, is a holistic approach used to combat various psycho-somatic ailments of modern day living. Initially a patient is given a consultation with an expert therapist who would use different diagnostic methods along with previous laboratory results to find out the various ailments they face and decide on the course of action individually. At Pradipika, we believe each and every person is different and hence customised diagnosis and treatment is a must. The treatment given to the patient will be based on specific yogic practices along with alternate therapies such as accupressure, accupuncture, reiki, detoxification processes,sujok and many more whichever is most suited and fast in delivering results.

The Therapist works closely with the patient assisting them with easy in and out of various postures, breathing practices, modifying them to avoid dis-comfort, monitoring the improvements, introducing to yogic life-style and offering yogic counselling along with customized diet plan.

Various Ailments: Thyroid, BP, Diabetes, Acidity, Gastritis, constipation, piles, Menstrual disorders, PCOD, obesity, hypertension, migraine, excessive stress, depression, Arthritis, back pain, slip disc, spondylitis, infertility problems, asthma or breathing problems and many more can be treated using Holistic Therapy with very good results.

Age group : 5+
Duration: May vary according to the patient's age, gender and the ailments they face and its complexity.

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