1. What is the difference between a Yogi, a Guru and a Swami?
YOGI - Is someone who practices Yoga.
Yogin - is a male yoga practitioner and Yogini is a female yoga practioner.
GURU - Is someone who teaches yoga to his/her disciples.
SWAMI - Is the respect given for a Spiritual Master.

2. What do I need, to begin my yoga practice?
Unlike other fitness programs, Yoga is a divine experience and all you need is your body, mind and soul with true devotion.

3. Can I do yoga even though I'm not flexible?
Certainly Yes. Yoga if practiced over a certain period of time will make your body regain its flexibility along with many other benefits.

4. Will doing Yoga make me sore?
It's not uncommon to experience sore muscles after starting yoga practice. Usually, it lasts for 2-3 days giving the feel of muscle pull. Soreness can affect even if you practice irregularly and are in good shape, as it encourages those muscles that are otherwise neglected. TIP: Take hot water bath after the practice. For a permanent relief - Practice Yoga regularly.

5. Do I have to be vegetarian to practice Yoga?
According to Patanjali's Aphorism - First principle is 'Ahimsa' (Non-harming self and others) Being veg cannot be imposed on others as one needs to take one's personal health issues into account as well as choices of those whom you live with. Yoga cleanses mind through body. Keeping body pure speeds up this process. Using nature's best is always recommended.

6. Difference between Stretching and other kinds of fitness
Yoga is merely not just stretching. Yoga is unique as we connect all our body movements with Breath(Prana) and control the fluctuations of mind. Continuous practice turns us to look at our inner self, recognize our habitual thoughts,judge and correct them. Unlike other fitness programs where the mere concentration is on the physical fitness achieving the desired toned body.

7. There are many kinds of yoga practices, How do I know which one is suits me the best.
Attend sample classes of few different styles and judge by yourself or talk to yoga guru. Guru is important than the style. Most important is getting started.

8. How many times should I practice yoga a day/a week?
20-30 minutes of regular practice is always better than 90-120 minutes of yoga once a week. Important is keeping your body, mind and breath in sync with each-other.

9. Why are we supposed to refrain from eating 3-4hours prior to the class?
During yoga practice at physical level, a yogi is made to twist his/her body from side to side, turn upside-down, bend forward-backward. If the food you ate has not been fully digested,your body conveys this message through uncomfortable feelings during the practice. To help your body gain maximum benefit we, advice you to refrain food 3-4hrs prior to class. Instead drinking warm water is a good practice, as it cleanses the impurities of GI tract.

10. My digestive system is over-reactive and I feel hungry quiet often. Should I still refrain?
If you are afraid you might get hungry, feel fatigue during the practice, have some light snacks (oil-free)/ nuts/ fruit juice/vegetable juice 30 minutes prior to the class.

11. I see various yogasanas being taught on TV, Magazines. Why should I go to a yoga class?
Wriong asanas, wrong postures can have detrimental to your health and can possibly lead to a condition which you never wished. Taking classes under a yoga guru will help you to understand the types and rythm of asanas, Pranayama that are suitable to you.

12. I cannot attend classes. But I want to do yoga at home. What should I do?
Attend a crash course which will teach you proper way of doing yogasanas, pranayama etc Then you can start on your own.

13. Due to my busy schedule I can't attend yoga therapy classes for B.P. How can I be benefited?
We offer Private/ Home classes for both general yoga as well as Therapeutic yoga. Please contact us by sending us an email or call us for more details.

14. Can you provide female instructor for my wife, who is suffering from Arthritis?
Pradipika Institute of Yoga and Therapy is tied-up with well-experienced, professional Yoga Trainers, Instructors and Therapists both Male and Female to cater to your needs be it at home/private classes, club house, at our center, camps or sessions at your office. Feel free to contact us for further queries.

15. Do you provide yoga mats. Do we have to follow any particular dress code?
Yes, you can purchase yoga mats at our center.There is no particular dress code. Anything comfortable, loose fitted clothing preferably cotton is ideal. Ladies can opt for salwars with leggings, Tracks with round necked t-shirts. Gents can opt for Tracks/shorts with loose t-shirt.
1. I suffer from social anxiety, few episodes of depression persists even after trying all medications. Can yoga help me?
Special module purely based on yoga has been devolped for handling Anxiety and Depression symptoms. Practice aims in reducing any anxiety, stress, attacks, bringing the lost confidence back, creating a emotionally stronger and a smarter self.

2. I'm in initial stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis having pain and swelling in my toes and rigidity in my fingers. I'm on medication. I have heard yoga can help bring relief to my problem. Should I start yoga now or wait for the completion of my present medication?
Since you are in the initial stage of RA and also on medication. It is a perfect time to start your yoga therapy sessions under expert yoga therapist who will, guide you into various different easy and simple movements bringing relief and mobility to both affected and un-affected joints with ease.

3. I'm diagnosed with having Diabetes since 6years, cholestrol since 2 years. Recently diagnosed for B.P. Is there any type yoga for me?
General yoga for fitness is definitely not for you. But not to be dis-appointed. Therapeutic Yoga/ Yoga therapy as best known have proven in not only bringing relief to many but also strengthen the immune system, physiological functions to control ailments as well as secure one's future. Since, you are suffering from multiple ailments, treatment will be given considering like ailments together. Once these are controlled then we design a module to tackle other ailments. Seek consultation from an expert Therapist.

4. Due to an accident 3 yrs ago, I had a slipped disc. I was on physiotherapy for sometime. Pain still persists due to which I'm unable to carry out my daily activities with ease. Can yoga therapy help me?
We recommend you to undergo yoga therapy exclusive for back pain. Yoga therapist will design an appropriate module studying the nature of your problem. Specific yoga techniques for back pain if practiced for certain period will not only bring relief but also strengthens the back muscles so you can be able to bear any strain or pressure with ease.

5. I'm having sciatica pain from past 5 months. Can I start doing yoga?
Depending upon the severity of sciatica pain you can join yoga therapy classes and not the regular yoga class. Consult yoga therapist for more details.

6. I'm suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. Will I get any relief from yoga?
Cervical Spondylosis, Neck pain, Stiffness around the shoulders is one of the common problem especially with people working at desk. Asanas concerned with neck and affected areas are taught with special emphasis on spine with breathing techniques. As this un-clogs the blocked Prana Vyayu bringing deep relief.

7. Acidity, Belching, Burping, Constipation at times has made me refrain from all pleasures, attending parties, eating my favourite foods. I don't wish to relay on medicines. What should I do?
Specialized Kriyas, Mudras and Abdomen based asanas help combat GI related disorders. Mudras and Kriyas are to be taught and learnt by experts in yoga only. Aswrong practice can adverse the ailment than bringing any relief. Regular practice helps to strengthen and normalize the secretion of digestive system and enzymes for a better digestion.
TIP: Simple Satvik diet along with regular practice of yoga can yield quick results.

8. I weigh 95 kgs and my height is 5'4". I have tried various weight reduction programs with less benefit. I have less appetite and control my food intake, resrtict from un-healthy foods. Still I see no reduction in my weight. Can yoga therapy for obesity help? How is it different from other weight reduction programs.
Adopting dieting regimes is not an answer to shed those extra kilos. Diet should be moderate with intake of necessary daily vitamins, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients which is a must for proper functioning of the body.Yoga therapy unlike other fitness programs. studies its participant's Physiological, Psychological, Physical attributes and design a suitable module for gaining maximum benefit. Therapy for obesity is given in the form of stimulation and relaxation in different proportions accompanied with certain breathing practices and certain beneficial pranayama for a quick, safe, natural long-lasting way of reducing weight with no side effects.

9. Work pressure, family problem is causing lot of stress on my mind and body. I'm unable to deliver my best and tackle problem effectively. My memory and concentration is reducing. I'm low an energy, losing my self-confidence. Is meditation good for me?
Going through your complaints, the best way to get some relief is through stress management through yoga. This module consists of a series of yoga techniques in a rhythmic fashion. Meditation certainly brings the distractions of mind under one's control.

10. I'm suffering from Bronchial Asthma since 12 years and prone to dust allergy. As my class is on 4th floor I need to climb stairs everyday. This sometimes makes me feel breathless and fatigue. I'm on medications since a long time but I wish to reduce these. Which yoga is beneficial to me?
Bronchial Asthma is one of the common problem faced by many people specially in metro region. Yoga for Asthma aims in expanding, flexing and strengthening the chest and back muscles. Seek a consultation with expert yoga therapist who can design a module to best suit your needs,

11. My TSH value is high. I'm on medication but want to normalize.. Is yoga the answer?
Thyroid can be controlled and to a certain level in some people can significantly bring down the value in long run. Learn yoga therapy for Thyroid problem which emphasizes on activating Thyroid glands.

12. My menstruation cycle is irregular and I have severe pain. Despite trying medications, it has not been normalized fully. My test reports are normal. Is there therapy for my problem?
Lot of ladies have the same problem as your's and have found relief after practicing yoga. Yoga module aims in activating and normalizing certain hormones and releasing the accumulated vyayu.

13. I have severe left knee pain and ankle pain. My doctor advised me to reduce weight. I have started to do thread-mill. But my pain is gettign more and i feel tired. What should I do ?
Reducing weight is certainly the answer for reducing pain in weight bearing joints. It is very important to relieve the pain of these joints before reducing weight. Thread-mill with ankle and joint pain is to be avoided as it puts lot of pressure on these.

14. Can yoga help tendinitis in wrist?
One of the major reason for Tendinitis is repetitive stress. Yoga modules for tendinitis is based on slow and gentle movements of wrist and associated muscles along with proper deep rest and relaxation techniques aimed in relieving the stress and stiffness of wrist joints.

15. Is it advisable to do yoga during pregnancy?
Yoga is definitely proven beneficial for both mother to-be and the baby. It is ok to continue with all asanas if you are already a practioner of yoga. Else professional help. Under expert guidance of yoga therapist during the 2nd trimester, you can practice several tailor-made yogasanas for strengthening pelvic area, normalize thyroid functions and blood-pressure, avoid gestational diabetes. During later months with proper care and guidance you can continue with the same with more emphasis given to relaxation techniques and pranayamas.
Tip: Avoid strain on belly/Abdomen areas, Inverted postures in later stages.

16. Headaches, Tension headaches, Migraines curable by yoga?
Postures which improve blood and air (Prana) circulation to head region brings relief and makes condition manageable and at times curable. Care should be taken to avoid excess flow of blood to brain region. Beneficial if one practices prana and meditation regularly.

17. I have frozen shoulder, my movements are limited I used to do yoga earlier but not anymore. I wish I can continue. Can yoga help me?
Frozen shoulders could be due to many reasons. One of them is repetitive stress for a long period of time. Join yoga for stress management along with some loosening and strengthening of shoulder muscles and joints.


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